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Welcome to the official website of BNB Rewards, the crypto token that allows our community to earn 6% BNB as a reward while burning 6% of the liquidity tokens. BNBR is here to change the way you earn rewards. With Ownership Renounced, and Liquidity Locked for 223 years, You're welcome to join us on this exciting journey as we outline our mission, vision, tokenomics, use cases, and finally roadmap.

90% Supply Burnt
6% BNB Rewards
6% Marketing
6% Liquidity Burn


BNBR is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform. Our aim is to provide a rewarding and engaging experience for our community members while fostering long-term value appreciation. With a maximum wallet limit of 50,000 tokens, we ensure a fair distribution and discourage any concentration of wealth. With 90% of our supply burnt after launch, we've insured that the future of BNBR will not be limited by the supply!


BNBRs mission is to create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem that empowers our community members to participate in the growing world of DeFi. We strive to offer innovative features, a user-friendly platform, and attractive rewards that cater to both experienced investors and newcomers to the crypto space. By prioritizing transparency, security, and community engagement, we aim to build a strong and loyal following around BNBR.


BNB Rewards

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Total Supply





BNBRs tokenomics were designed to create a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem for our community members. With a maximum supply of 10,000,000 tokens (9 million burnt at launch!), With this action we ensure scarcity and value appreciation potential. The transaction fees play a crucial role in the tokenomics of BNBR. For every buy or sell transaction, a 9% fee is imposed, which is then distributed among holders and various aspects of the ecosystem. Rewards are then paid out on the sell transactions.

9% Buy/Sell Fee || 0% Transfer Fee

Marketing: 6%

This allocation fuels our marketing efforts, allowing us to increase awareness through promotions, reach new audiences, and create strategic partnerships to drive the success of BNBR in the long run.

Auto Burn: 6%

This portion of the fee automatically burns liquidity within the token's trading pool, this action promotes long term stability, and providing a rising floor for our community members.

BNB Rewards: 6%

By simply holding BNBR tokens in your wallet, you will earn Smart-Chain (BNB) as passive income through the fee structure. This feature rewards loyal community members and incentivizes long-term holding.



Purchase BNB

You can purchase BNB on Binance, or another exchange.


Send BNB to Trust Wallet

Create a Trust wallet (can be downloaded on app store). Send your BNB from your exchange of choice to your Trust wallet.


Swap BNB for Smart Chain BNB

This can easily be done when viewing the BNB balance in your Trust wallet.


Swap Smart Chain BNB For BNBR on PancakeSwap

Connect your Trust wallet to PancakeSwap, then paste our contract address into the token field to swap $BNB for $BNBR.

Always confirm the official contract address:



Phase 1

Stealth Launch

Official launch of BNB Rewards token(BNBR), accompanied by an extensive marketing campaign to build awareness and attract early adopters.

Q3 2023

Phase 2


Pursue listings on reputable decentralized exchanges to enhance accessibility for BNBR token holders.

Q4 2023

Phase 3

BNBR Community Burns

Introduce community burns that allow users to grow their positions by just holding BNBR. These burns will increase the position sizes of the holders! We ask that if you’re holding over 5% after these burns that you divide your position into new wallets to keep yourself at 5%

Q1 2024

Phase 4

Governance Integration

Enable governance features that empower the community to actively participate in decision-making processes.

Q4 2024

If you’re having errors buying make sure slippage is above 11%,

 Try up to 12%.

If you’re still having trouble contact us through telegram.

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